The Truth About Sales And Marketing

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If you’re a business owner hesitating to get help growing your business through sales and marketing, it may be because you doubt it’s effective. Rumors might have warned you, or your own reasoning might have led you to form these beliefs.

Make no mistake, marketing done properly will generate revenue, while a sound marketing plan is essential to the success of a business.

Unfortunately, business owners hold many misconceptions about sales and marketing. While these ideas seem reasonable, they are not supported by facts. And if you stick to them, you prevent yourself and your business from reaping the benefits of marketing. Moreover, you risk missing business opportunities, and you are also more vulnerable to competitors taking your customers.

That’s why the experts at Newbern Excel want to share the most common myths and misconceptions about sales and marketing, so you no longer let them impede your business success.

The Facts!

1. It’s just sales, and you just have to meet quotas
Firstly, a sales quota is a specific target that sales reps need to hit within a given amount of time. Sales reps, sales managers, and sales teams all have quotas. They are the standard by which performance is measured in both B2C and B2B sales. Quotas serve as benchmarks for evaluation, performance improvement, and testing. Quotas are also typically compensated, so reps have an incentive to achieve them.

And secondly, working in sales isn’t what you think it is. Most people think that salespeople are sleazy and would do anything to make a buck. However, sales are all about staying focused and consistent, dealing with rejection, and handling objections.

2. Great products don’t need marketing
While the internet allows people to shop whenever and wherever they want, your product needs to be well-made to earn its place in the purchase decision process, but first, they have to actually hear about it. And that’s where marketing comes in. We ensure prospective customers receive the right information in the right channel at the right time.

3. Marketing is simple; I don’t need an agency
One of the common misconceptions about marketing is that it’s easy. Many think it’s just a matter of running a few ads and perhaps firing off some emails to promote a sale. But this approach risks wasting a great deal of money on an ineffective campaign.

Marketing is a multidisciplinary process requiring diverse specialized skills. Can your business handle all that?

Chances are the answer is no, at least not without hiring several new staff members. And in that case, you’d benefit from partnering with an agency that already has a powerful marketing team in place.


You limit your company’s potential for growth when you base business decisions on preconceived notions of marketing. But now that you know the truth, you can see how misleading these typical marketing myths are.

Given what you know about marketing, you probably want to use it to expand your company. After all, marketing will assist you in selecting the appropriate audience and use the tools at your disposal to enhance growth.

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