A Project Management Checklist By Newbern Excel

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In project management, you rally your team behind the project mission, sign contracts, have kickoff meetings, and ensure things go smoothly. For the most part, it’s just common sense except when you’re doing it. That’s when you wish you had a checklist of all the things you need to do.

A project management checklist must be concise and comprehensive. As experts in the field, we at Newbern Excel have written down a project management checklist to help you ensure that you don’t miss any step or waste precious resources by repeating a task.

1. Research
Before initiating the project, do some research and know all the facts before you dive in. Be as well informed as possible and methodical.

2. Understand
Have a clear understanding of your role and the project goals.

3. Project planning
Now that you have all the facts and have an understanding of the project goals and tangibles. Create a plan on how you will complete the projects. Create clear and concise short-term goals and metrics that are easy to track and keep accountable. Make sure they are straightforward and if it may seem overwhelming, break them into smaller actions and tasks to make the project flow smoother.

4. Set goals
This ties in with project planning. Part of being a successful project manager is to create goals throughout. A good technique is to use the acronym SMART. S-Specific, M-Measurable, A-Attainable or Action-oriented, R-Realistic, Relevant, Or Results-oriented, T-Trackable or Tangible.

5. Create a vision
After you finalize your goals for the projects, tie it back in where the goals and project tie in with the wider vision statement. Ask yourself where does the project fit in with the overall business strategy? What will be the project’s outcome?

6. Develop the budget
Create a budget plan and figure out what is a priority versus other miscellaneous items. Determine your direct costs such as material costs, licenses costs, and travel is applicable. And the indirect costs such as phone, office space, office equipment, and general administration.

7. Establish deliverables and a timeline
Create lists of things the project needs to deliver to meet those goals, such as tasks and subtasks. To create a timeline, use the list of tasks and use that as guidance to figure out what needs to be carried out. For each task, determine the amount of effort required and the person responsible for the task.

8. Create a communications plan
For a project to run smoothly, there needs to be clear communication. Create a system and a document that shows the following: who should be informed about the project status, how often and when should be informed, such as weekly meetings, and how they will receive the information such as via email or in a meeting presentation.

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