Things To Know Before Starting Or Choosing A Career In Sales And Marketing

Author: Jackalyn Brennan | | Categories: Direct Sales , Marketing Firm


Learning sales skills is beneficial as it improves your listening skills and can help you become a well-rounded person. It’s not just about selling a product for your job or company. When you learn how to sell, you become a much better communicator, which is crucial in all aspects of life.

However, the sad reality is we don’t learn much about this in school. This results in most people not knowing what a sales job is like and being completely unaware of the potential for personal and professional growth in the sales and marketing industry. They don’t know that they will have the ability to develop new skills in no time as they will receive hands-on training and gain valuable experience.

Fortunately, entry into the exciting and highly progressive world that is direct sales and marketing is not that hard. It would help if you had a high school diploma and soft skills like communication, the ability to work under pressure, and organizational and time management skills. 

There are also a plethora of online courses available to everyone, which can give you an idea of what to expect from the industry and give you a leg up. At Newbern Excel, we focus on maintaining a healthy learning environment, coupled with our belief that humility plus hard work results in success. Our people receive personalized management and business training to network, present, and lead. 

In terms of salary and remuneration, a person starting out can expect around fifty to sixty-five thousand dollars per annum which can grow exponentially as you gain experience and knowledge. However, the main advantage of a career in sales and marketing is that with perseverance, determination, and a student mentality, your ability to rise through the ranks increases, and leadership opportunities are pretty much a given.

The drawbacks of choosing to go down the sales and marketing career path include an unpredictable schedule which can also positively be seen as flexibility. The high expectations that also come with the job are what help us not become complacent and stagnant and bring out the best in most people.

At Newbern Excel, we help our clients to position their offerings with extraordinary insight. We connect with clients’ audiences emotionally and, above all, surpass their competitors, so they stand out from the noise. What makes us different is our team. We employ the right people to build powerful brands, marketing campaigns, and businesses. They present our strategically devised marketing campaigns with the utmost professionalism, ensuring a lasting bond with the customer and long-term growth. 

As a recruit, we will show you how to merge tactical marketing strategies with high-impact messaging and dynamic advertising design and attract the right people’s attention. We offer management training, entry-level sales, and executive management across Grand Prairie, Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Frisco, Garland, Grapevine, Irving, McKinney, and Plano.

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