Richard Anderson .

CEO of Newbern Excel - Marketing Firm in Texas

Newbern Excel, Inc's CEO is born and raised in Madrid, Spain, graduating from San Pablo CEU University with an Advertising and Public Relations degree. After considering the opportunities for financial freedom in Spain our founder packed a suitcase and moved to San Antonio, Texas where he came across an opportunity to learn about marketing and acquire the knowledge necessary to operate and manage his own company . It is no surprise, after putting in a lot of hard work and dedication, that our CEO has opened his first business only 2 years after college in a different country.

Under great training and mentoring, our founder rose to a leadership role in less than 3 weeks. Our CEO was selected to attend the 2017 and 2018 Owner's Getaway, a prestigious event for award-winning business owners. After these two experiences, attended his first award ceremony as the actual owner and operator for his own company, where he received the award for the most successful "Rookie Business of the year". This drive to succeed is what got our owner to where we are today. At Newbern Excel, Inc, we are continuously involved in the pursuit of promoting individuals who excel, just as our leader has done.