Farooq Syed .

Member of Newbern Excel - Marketing Firm in Texas

Farooq always had a go-getter attitude, humble and patient at the same time. He wanted to find a career that allowed self-paced growth. After graduating a Marketing degree in UTA opted to look for a workplace where he could achieve a lot in a short time. "The 10 year management training program in 1 years time was perfect for me" he states.
Giving back to those who raised him and helped him become the person he is today is his strong goal to push for something bigger than himself everyday.

After looking for multiple opportunities matched perfectly with Newbern and their values. The company ethics matched Farooq's immediately. The people he continues to meet and train everyday as the company grows are not only ambitious but capable, also ready to lend a helping hand. "The experience has been humbling and rewarding at the same time. I look forward to new challenges and ways to overcome them"

After looking for a while I managed to find Newbern Excel. The company values and ethics matched that of mine. The culture and the people I met and continue to meet are people who are not only ambitious and capable but ready to lend a helping hand. The experience has been tough and challenging but rewarding as well. I continue to look forward to what new challengers that await me and the people I am going to meet in the future.